50 Shades

Serie “50 Shades of Water”

There is always a story behind a painting. The series “50 Nuances of Water Lilies” will consist of 50 versions of the magical setting of the water lilies of Monet, a long series just started which you have the scoop … 

Isabelle Delannoy loves series, the theme can be the same, but the result is always different. The idea of the Nymphéas became obvious when the artist visited in 2018 the exhibition Nympheas : American abstraction and the last Monet. The name was found naturally when two of these floral paintings were selected for the film “50 Shades of Gray” …

N°1 - 50 Nuances de Nymphéas - Huile/Toile 23x33cm

N°1 – 50 Nuances of Water Lilies

Huile sur toile 23x33cm

N°2 - 50 Nuances de Nymphéas - H/T 23x33cm

N°2 – 50 Nuances of Water Lilies

Huile sur toile 23x33cm