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Maison & Jardin Magazine

Portrait de l’Artiste-Peintre Isabelle DELANNOY

Maison & Magazine - 2018 - Article sur Série "Réalité poétique" Isabelle Delannoy Peintre

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 The poetic address : Isabelle DELANNOY’s workshop in Saint-Ouen is a must destination for collectors of contemporary art and antiques dealers. The Flea Market is where you can find the lovely Isabelle Delannoy studio, where you can discover the poetic works of the eponymous artist, who plays with the codes of the representation of reality.



Vivre Côté Paris

The studio of the artist-painter Isabelle DELANNOY in the International Flea Market of Paris-Saint-Ouen

In 2011, Isabelle Delannoy chose to become an independent artist and decided to set up her place of creation in the heart of the International Flea Market of Paris-Saint-Ouen where she opened her studio to us and received French individuals and collectors and Artlovers from all over the world but also interior designers for orders or direct purchase

Magazine Art & Design

À la Recherche d’une Réalité Poétique

Magazine Art & Design - Sept/Oct 2017 : A la Recherche d'une Réalité Poétique

Madame Figaro Chine

Passion Triumph all by Isabelle DELANNOY

We talk about it in Madame Figaro China ! Following her in artist residency in China, Isabelle Delannoy has her double page in the Figaro Madame Chinese !